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NEW! COMBAT ARCHERY Drop in program

NEW! COMBAT ARCHERY (DROP IN) - Returning in 2018

What is Combat Archery? 

Take all of the adrenaline-pumping excitement of paintball, mix it with the charm of being Legolas or Katniss and remove the overwhelming pain.

What you have left is Combat Archery.

Visit for more information and videos

​Played like dodgeball or paintball, combat archery pits teams of bow-and-arrow wielding players against each other.
Their ultimate goal is to eliminate the opposing team by shooting them with our Combat Archery arrows (they're 100% safe, we promise!) or by catching the enemies arrows mid-flight.

Please allow 15 minutes for waiver, instruction and target practice, prior to game play.


 Combat Archery ad FOR 2018




Continuing in 2018!

The Following Programs will continue into Winter 2018! 

Cardel Rec South has teamed up with Engineering for Kids & Sportball to offer you more quality programs for your families.

Click on each for the full course information


Junior Robotics Engineering (ages 4 - 6 years)

Robotics 101 (ages 7 - 14 years)

Sportball - Sport instruction for kids (ages 16 - 24 mos, 2 - 3 yrs & 3 - 5 yrs)


New 3 tiered pricing is HERE

SUPPORT your own community and SAVE at Cardel Rec South!

Do you like to save money? Do you have your Community Association Membership card? The two will go hand in hand!

Effective now you will notice a difference in our pricing guidelines!

If you are a resident of one of our Partner Association Communities AND you have purchased your community membership, you will be eligible to receive a minimum discount of 10% off of our program registration fees.

Proof of membership into one of the following partner community associations will be required in order to receive your discount.

Each of the above links will offer information on how to purchase your community membership.

All proceeds from these memberships go directly back to your own community!

Here's what to expect!

  • Community Association members (with their cards)  will receive a minimum 10% discount in one of our registered recreation programs
  • Community residents of our Partner community association who are not members of their community association (no cards) will receive a 5% discount.
  • Non community residents do not receive a membership/residency discount.
  • A 10% multi program discount is offered to families registering in two or more programs offered in the same program session.





Cardel Rec South proudly accepts the City of Calgary Fee Assistance Program