City of Calgary Fair Entry/Fee Assistance

 Cardel Rec South proudly honors both the City of Calgary and the Kidsport Fee Assistance Programs. All families accepted into either of these programs are welcome to use their credits towards any programs offered at South Fish Creek Recreation Association.


Cardel Rec South proudly accepts the City of Calgary Fair Entry - Programs and services for low income Calgarians Fee Assistance Program.

Fee Assistance - Recreation Programs


To apply for Fee Assistance with The City of Calgary, please click here.


Please download your application form from the City of Calgary website. All applications must be submitted for approval directly to the City of Calgary. Once you have been approved for the City of Calgary Fee Assistance Program, Cardel Rec South will offer the following:

  1. Children are eligible for a one time only discount to a maximum amount of  $100.00 for programs falling in each of the following sessions: Fall (September - December), Winter (January - April), and Spring/Summer (May - August).
  2. Adults are eligible for a one time discount to a maximum amount of $100.00 for programs falling within the year.
  3. The participant must use their session's fee assistance discount at ONE time each session. Participants can either register for multiple programs to meet the $100.00 or only use a portion of the discount for that session.
  4. Balances can NOT be transferred over from one session to the next OR between family members.
  5. Should a participant register for programs totaling more than $100.00, they will be responsible for paying the balance.
  6. Should a fee assistance participant want to use their card to access our drop-in programs, they will receive ONE 10x family pass (per family, not per card) for the year at no charge. This can be used for public skating, shinny etc.

Any person(s) found to be abusing the privilege of their fee assistance benefit will be terminated from the program at Cardel Rec South.



Fee Assistance - Member Association Minor Sports Associations




Midnapore Minor Hockey, Shaw Meadows Minor Hockey, Calgary Buffaloes Hockey Association, Colts Football Association, South Calgary Basketball, and Axemen/Sabrecats Lacrosse all use the Kidsport Fund for financial assistance. Kidsport will fund successful applicants up to a maximum of $300 per athlete per year for program registration and equipment. In addition, Cardel Rec South Financial Assistance Funding is available to match the funds authorized by KidSport up to but not exceeding program registration costs. All funds received from KidSport & Cardel Rec South Financial Assistance Funding will go directly to the Founding Association mnor sports association.


To apply for Fee Assistance with KidSport, please click here.


Please download your application form from the KidSport website. All applications must be first submitted to Minor Sports Association (eg. MMH/SMMH) who will complete the "Association" area of the form. The Application is then submitted to KidSport for approval. Once KidSport has made their decision regarding the value ($$) of the application, then the Founding Association can request Cardel Rec South to match the funds approved by KidSport (up to but not exceeding the program registration costs). Any balance of funds remaining is to be paid by the registrant.


Donate to theFee Assistance programs by calling 403-201-8652. All donations in excess of $20.00 qualify fora charitable tax receipt.